Q: How do I submit information to Illinois' Biggest Offenders Newsletter?

A: Please submit information to the e-mail address below.



Q: What kind of information do you accept?

A: We accept DUI related information (i.e.: worst DUI offenders, warrants for DUI offenders, officer features, agency mobilizations and victim impact stories).


Q: What should I include when submitting information?

A: Always include your title and organization.

If you are submitting an officer feature, include the officer's name and department along with a brief listing of achievements.

If you are submitting an agency mobilization, include what your agency did or what your agency plans to do along with the success of the mobilization.

If you are submitting a victim impact story, please provide basic information about your loved one, general details of the incident and a digital photograph.


Q: If I submit information, does that mean it will be published?

A: No. Submission is not a guarantee of inclusion.


Q: How is information chosen?

A: Information is chosen based upon available space and relevance.


Q: If my information is published, will it be published as is?

A: No. All information is edited before publication.


Q: What will you do with my information after I submit it?

A: All submissions will be archived for possible future use and reference.


Q: How often is Illinois' Biggest Offenders distributed?

A: Illinois' Biggest Offenders is a quarterly publication. Issues are released inJan, April, July and October at www.illinoisbiggestoffenders.org.


Q: How do I subscribe to Illinois' Biggest Offenders ?

A: Click on the “subscribe” link located on the menu bar, fill out the form and the newest issues of Illinois' Biggest Offenders will be e-mailed to you.